How You Benefit

How You Benefit
One of the best Characteristics about the EZY LOADER is that it does not require a large
amount of equipment to operate. A 110 volt power source or preferably the on board Honda
2000 Generator is all that is needed to begin applying two part Urethane adhesive. There are no
special air compressors or 220 volt electrical requirements needed to use the EZY LOADER.
Unlike larger machines, the EZY LOADER is very mobile and is not tethered to electrical power
or air compressors. As a result, users can move seamlessly across the roof applying foam
adhesive for the attachment of roof insulation and/or FleeceBack membranes with ease.
Another key aspect to the user friendly EZY LOADER is the auto calibration. This systems
pumping system automatically ratios the two part foam chemical to a 1:1 ratio measurement.
There is no manual calculation, Gauges or sensors required to insure that Foam chemicals are
properly calibrated prior to application. The EZY LOADER is unique because the 1:1 ratio is set.
This is hugely advantageous to users because it cuts down set up time and allows the applicator
to jump right in to the application.
The EZY LOADER requires less maintenance than other larger machines. When applying foam,
many spray foam guns need to be extensively cleaned to ensure there is no foam blockage.
The nozzles of the EZY LOADER can be disposed of when they begin to accumulate foam. This
significantly cuts down on installation time of your roofing project, as you are able to replace
nozzles at a rapid rate without delay or cleaning.
*Simple to use

*Easy to Maintain

*Training program with Carlisle or Versico “RIG REBATE PROGRAM”
We recommend system flush at the end of each job. This will keep your pumps and hoses clean
and ready for your next project and keep your system running at peak speed and efficiency.Static Mixing tips (Nozzles) should be changed regularly when flow is stopped. Foam forms in
the mixing tip, slowing down the speed of production and compromises installation time and
Desiccant Dryers on the Part A or Part 1 isocyanate side containers is a must do. The use of the
Desiccant Dryers will reduce the buildup of hard crystals that form in the pumps and hoses
caused by moisture reacting with the isocyanate. Ultimately reducing the speed and performance
of the equipment.